Wei Zhou
MSc. Student in Computer Science at University of Southern California



Wei was born in Xi'an, Shaanxi, China. He finished his secondary study in his hometown. After that, he went The Chinese University of Hong Kong major in computer science for undergraduate study and graduate in 2016. During the undergraduate studying, he went to the Master Concept (Hong Kong) Inc. and work as a Java Developer for 6 months. After graduation, he joined a project team focus on developing a distributed computing system named Husky under the supervision of Prof. James Cheng. Now, he is a MSc. student major in general computer scienc at University of Southern California.

Wei is a experienced programmer. He was invovled in various projects during studying and internship including Web application development, mobile application development, Web user statistic system development and etc. Especially, he is very good at developing web application and is very interested in distributed computing system development.